Accelerist is the partnership intelligence platform that helps companies and causes create or improve partnerships with each other and their supporters.   

Some of the industry’s most prolific brands and nonprofit organizations rely on our innovative solutions to prospect, screen, access and measure partnerships with each other, while understanding their supporters and how to activate them.

At the intersection of trailblazing data and evergreen experience, Accelerist’s platform and strategic services give today’s purpose-driven leaders a game-changing edge to ensure the smartest relationships drive the most value for society, for social causes and for committed brands.


Find right-fit prospects based on your preferences and filters.  Using a 30-point proprietary algorithm, learn what your match score is for hundreds of prospects, so you can prioritize who you connect with and when.  Research and analyze 1000s of companies, their consumers and social impact partnerships – all in one place.  Get contact information for key executives across HR, Philanthropy and Marketing/PR.


Gather demographic, psychographic, geographic, brand affinity, cause affinity, influencer and media consumption and buying behavior data on your constituents. Understand motivations, needs and opportunities for greater activation and ongoing stewardship throughout the year.  Identify which supporters are ripe for acquisition, including their specific demographic, psychographic, geographic, brand affinity, cause affinity, influencer and media consumption and buying behaviors.  Understand which brands can help you acquire the donors you’re missing, or how you can motivate donor prospects to get involved.


Place value on your brand and expertise as a nonprofit, as well as the rights and benefits you have to offer to potential corporate partners.  Identify your minimum threshold, overall asset value, potential value and top areas for growth to manage and maximize your resources.  Take the guesswork out of event sponsorship pricing with precise and accurate valuation of sponsorship assets.  Identify pricing for multiple events, and properly assign value to assets at appropriate levels.


Track real-time paid, earned and shared media activity around up to 30 of your existing corporate partnerships.  Identify the geographic saturation, organic influencers, consumer sentiment, gender breakdown, and conversations around your most important partnerships.  Partnerships are more than just about media rights and benefits.  In order to report on the comprehensive value your organization brings to the partnership, log all additional stewardship, mission, impact and partnership support activities.  Allow your corporate partner to log their support of the partnership, and even invite local affiliates or chapters to do the same, if applicable.  Place value on the marketing, media assets, stewardship, content and brand value you and the partners provide.  Understand your return on investment in the partnership, and communicate to your partners the return you brought to them. Produce automated, visual and comprehensive impact reports for your partnerships through a shareable link from the Accelerist system.

Let us help you build and keep your partnerships – in 1/2 the time and for 80% less cost than other alternatives.