We’re so excited about our very first Accelerist Summer Roadshow!

The Roadshow consists of engaging conversation and education, led by a series of events, video tips/best practices from industry leaders and more!

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Roadshow Recap

What is “ESG?” The term “ESG” (environment, social, governance) is a somewhat new concept in the corporate arena, especially the metrics that are now tied to this work. Purpose driven companies, corporate social responsibility...

“To what end?” A colleague of mine is fond of that saying. They’d say it almost like a refrain whenever we were making a decision or planning an initiative. A less generous phrasing would be “so what??” When it comes...

About Accelerist

Accelerist is the leader in social impact partnership technology. Accelerist’s software platform supports corporate partnership teams, account management, and leadership in sustaining, vetting, and growing their partnership portfolios. Some of the industries most prolific brands and nonprofit organizations rely on Accelerist’s innovative solutions to prospect, measure, fundraise and inspire profit-purpose partnerships through our proprietary SaaS Platform.