Accelerating the Status Quo

Refining Social Impact Strategy

Maggie Hureau

Senior Manager, Impact Giving


Transformation Driver

Harry’s, founded in 2013, has been a company committed to giving back since its inception. Over the past five years, the innovative brand has partnered with organizations like City Year and Year Up to give back and engage their employees through a 1% model, giving 1% of time and money toward the causes. However, despite the good work that had been done, Harry’s recently made a strategic decision refine their 1% model to invest in growing the social impact work of the brand even more to create deeper alignment with the brand purpose. Enter: Maggie Hureau, Harry’s new Senior Manager of Impact Giving. In Maggie’s new role, social impact now lives in its own department, reporting directly to Executive Leadership.


The Harry’s team was unsure if the causes they were currently supporting were resonating with their audience, yet they knew how important it was to uncover these answers. They were interested in learning more about how their new social mission was received by their customers and made the decision to host qualitative focus groups to uncover more on this subject. They intended to also leverage these findings for future CSR planning.

But Maggie knew there were was more information in reach.


Enter: Accelerist. Finding Accelerist validated this thinking. Accelerist provided Maggie and the Harry’s team with data-driven answers to address their questions. Maggie leveraged her partnership with Accelerist to run a consumer analysis report, unveiling key insights about the Harry’s consumer. Not only did Maggie and her team find the information enlightening, but the specific insights and take-aways Accelerist brought to them helped shape recommendations and tactics for where they take the next iteration of Harry’s social impact. Because Harry’s social mission is connected with the brand, the customer analysis report is now shared across departments and with their customer insights and marketing teams.