Purpose People™:  Impact-centric professionals who are committed to changing the world as a career choice.

This Purpose People community is dedicated to the dreamers, the goodwill fighters, the changemakers, and justice & equity warriors.

We hope the Purpose People educational tools and resources will encourage you, inspire you in times of doubt, and empower you to live up to your purpose potential every day. 

The Journal for Purpose People™. 


Learn how 10 minutes of your day can change the world. The Journal for Purpose People™ is your guide to connecting the person within you to the work that you do. May The Journal for Purpose People be your constant on challenging days, the inspiration in times of doubt, and the guide to living your purpose every day. Purchase your copy today:


Journaling Methodology.

The goal of this journal is to empower you to both define and continue to reaffirm your commitment to purpose through daily journaling. The initial setup process will prompt you to explore your ideas around purpose, set your intentions, and define your annual, quarterly, and monthly goals. Then, starting fresh each week, you will be asked to outline 3 priority purpose-related goals you’d like to accomplish. The daily journal experience includes taking about 5 minutes before and after work to set intentions for the day and reflect on progress. 

The Purpose People™ Academy. 

The Purpose People Academy brings together 60+ courses, best practices, playbooks, and resources to help nonprofit professionals build better partnerships with the corporate sector. The Academy supports 350+ growth-minded development professionals in elevating and expanding their purpose partnership portfolio. Sign up below to be notified when the Academy is open to registrants: