Pricing FAQs

Q: I do not see the Pricing tab on my account. Why?

A: You may not be contracted for an asset valuation.  The tabs on your account appear based on the services that you have agreed to receive.  If you are interested in learning more about the Pricing tab (or any others) reach out to your account manager or your original Accelerist sales contact and we would be happy to tell you more!


Q: How do I start a new valuation?

A: The amount of valuations that you are contracted for should be available to you from the “Pricing” tab of your Accelerist account.   Click on the tab and select if you would like to do an overall organizational valuation or “Property” valuation and begin entering data!  If your account does not reflect the correct amount of valuations please contact your account manager and they will adjust it right away.


Q: What do you mean by “Property”?

A: Properties include events, programs or other applicable properties owned by your organization that you may offer engagement in to a current or potential corporate partner.  Remember that all inputs should be specific to what you are intending to value. e. if you selected to value a property then input ONLY data that is specific to that property.


Q: Is it common for organizations to be able to fill out ALL the data points you have listed?

A: Every organization is different.  We do have common areas that organizations are unable to fill out due to not measuring them – that is perfectly fine! We recommend using this valuation as a way to think about your potential and what data points could be valuable to have.  If you do not have a value, simply enter a zero and we will factor that area into an overall area of growth when the report is complete.


Q: If I am a Canadian Organization, Is my industry ranking the same?

A: If you are a Canadian Charity you are able to use Charity Intelligence Canada to see what your equivalent in this area may be.


Q: How do we measure Community Impact?

A:  Every organization has many different strategies and indicators to measure their impact.  This question in the valuation asks for the organization’s average positive change or impact across all programs and mission areas.    Examples of ways to think about measuring this include the following:

  1. By Volume:  Organization has supported X more kids this year than last year.
  2. By Improvement:  Organization’s mission-served audience reports an X% more positive mental state this year than last
  3. By Geographic:  Organization supports X% more geographic locations this year than last
  4. By Funding:  Organization funded X% more dollars (or # of programs) this year than last?

Ultimately, your organization can determine how they would like to measure this however you would like – you know your impact better than anyone!  If you plan on doing a valuation year to year we recommend choosing a way to measure this that your team agrees upon so that you can keep a consistent data point going forward.


Q: Should I engage multiple team members on the valuation?

A: You are able to engage as many people as you would like to enter data.  We also have a separate tool kit that includes this data if you want to send to another team offline.