Canadian Charity Checkout

Our Best Thinking

Point-of-sale (POS) fundraising has long been a coveted tactic used by companies and nonprofits to engage the consumer (and other stakeholders) in direct fundraising for causes. Going direct to consumer at the point-of-sale can generate millions for causes in as little as a week, while markedly positioning the retailer as a caring, corporate citizen concerned about more than just the bottom line. With the retail industry rapidly evolving to meet the revolution of the retail marketplace, some retailers have been questioning the validity of POS fundraising asking themselves, is it burdensome on the consumer? With POS fundraising earning high marks from consumers, and corporate social responsibility efforts by companies taking more of the center stage to drive consumer loyalty in more socially-conscious demographics, it’s clear that POS fundraising can and should be here to stay. The only question now is how to nuance POS fundraising strategies based on key consumer affinities to create greater multi-faceted value for all engaged.  So, how do customers feel about point-of-sale giving in Canada?

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