What Should You Stand For?

Align Your Brand Values with Your Stakeholders

Accelerist taps into hundreds of millions of social profiles and behaviors – brands, nonprofits and social interests that your consumers like, follow, and engage with. With access to over 300 million consumer records, 40 billion social records and 100 million nonprofit records, we can generate unique insights for social impact professionals to create winning CSR strategies.


Considering market sentiment, risk proclivity, consumer analysis, employee affinity and brand values, we help your company find what social issues it should stand up for.


Simply answer a few questions below, and within 2-14 business days you will receive:

  • Complete Consumer Persona and Cause Affinities
  • The Top 5 Right-Fit Causes for Your Company
  • A Cause Voice Scorecard
  • Employee Cause Affinities (if applicable)
  • Nonprofit Partner Recommendations + Research (if applicable)