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New Open Doors
  • Emeril Lagasee Foundation + Lifetime Fitness
  • VFW + Viacom
  • Sierra Club + Supply Shift
  • Epilepsy Foundation + LYFT
  • American Lung Association + HBO
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How Operation Warm Uses Data & Research to Ignite Partnerships

FAQ of the Month

Q:  Assets, assets, assets: we hear it all the time that we should be defining our assets for potential corporate integration, but what does it actually mean for my organization?

A:  Let’s break it down…

  • Paid Media = advertising that you may invest in (TV, print, digital, social, etc.) to support a partnership or campaign. If you receive donated advertising, that would also fit into this category.
  • Owned Media = the assets that you “own” that are leveraged in support of partnerships and campaigns. This would include communications to your email list, through your website, newsletters (both print and/or digital), etc.
  • Earned Media = any public relations efforts that are secured to support partnerships or campaigns. Press pick-up of any kind, including press releases.
  • Shared Media = any social media that is leveraged to support and promote partnerships and campaigns.
Quick Tips & Reminders

Getting Ready to Submit Your Pitch Materials? A few reminders and pointers:

  • Your pitch deck can be a maximum of 8MB.
  • Your PowerPoint deck must be converted to a PDF. File too large? Try using the PDF compressor: http://pdfcompressor.com/.
  • In order to upload your video, it must be smaller than 120 MB.  File too large? Tou can upload your video to Vimeo through their UI and then download the smaller encoded version and upload that to our dashboard. The video file must have the mimetype “video/*”
Pitching Advice

In order to capture and maintain the attention of CSR and social impact leaders, we recommend a pitch deck to be a maximum of 10-15 slides. This advice comes to us direct from corporate leaders, who share that anything longer is tough for them to get through and digest in their busy work days.  So keep it somewhere in this ballpark for the most effective deck.

VIP Content

Although they are currently THE buzzwords in corporate social responsibility and corporate partnerships between companies and causes, employee engagement is nothing new.  No, far from it.  The need for a cause to engage a company’s employees in order to create the most profitable, multi-faceted relationship has always been key.  However, with the rise of SaaS platforms that formalize employee engagement for companies and the demands of both Millennials and Gen Z, it has become THE hot topic.  Accelerist gets asked a lot about employee engagement best practices so we went to our corporate CSR executive think tank and asked them about what they are seeing in employee engagement trending.  Here is what they said.