November 2021 – New Product Updates!

At Accelerist, our goal is to help you land your next big corporate partner as quickly and efficiently as possible. And, the only way for us to achieve our goal is if we incorporate as much of your feedback and wishlists into our solutions as possible. So, while we are working to implement as many of your suggestions as we can, we wanted to share with you a few new additions to our Prospecting Module. Take a look!

Reach Potential Prospects Faster & More Efficiently

You can now easily deploy a game plan to contacts that are saved in a prospecting session. You can also send yourself a copy of the game plan to keep as a record. 

Easily Find Right Fit Decision-Makers

Filter your prospecting search to only show contacts titles who you know are the key decision-makers for potentially partnering with your organization.

Added Personalization & Visibility Into All Pitches

You can now BCC yourself on all pitch outreach and you now have the ability to add in templated merged fields to further customize your pitches.

Further Customize Your Prospecting Sessions

Create custom prospecting lists by filtering directly by company name(s) to build out more customized prospecting sessions. 

Save Your Game Plans 

You now have the option to save your game plans, so you can take your time crafting the perfect outreach email to potential prospects!

Notifications on Newly Added Companies

You’ll now receive updates when new, right-fit companies are added to the database (via email, your dashboard, and by updating saved searches!)

Module Training

Value Hacks

To ensure you have a stellar pitch to a potential prospect, preview and test your pitch so that you nail your outreach!

See higher corporate match scores by selecting up to four mission-focus areas.

Easily customize and preview your gameplan sequence so that all you need to do is “set and forget” your outreach efforts.

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Still have questions?  Message us on our Slack Channel or reach out via email at members@accelerist.com.