Accelerating the Status Quo

Defining Audience Personas and Motivations Through Data

Glen Deutscher

Vice President, Marketing and Campaign Strategy

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation

Hear Glen’s Story


Going into this year’s fundraising campaign for our peer-to-peer event, STEPtember, we wanted to gain deeper insights into past campaign participants, to understand their core beliefs, brand affiliations, social media behavior and charitable causes.  We engaged the services of Accelerist to do the audience analysis based on two years of data. The insights gained confirmed the two distinct audiences that we have for this campaign and went further in defining their personas. Accelerist added additional insights for us, comparing our participant data with that of prospective supporters, bringing into focus an audience with considerable influence to grow our campaign. The outcome? –  Real actionable data to apply to our 2020 media buy.

The audience analysis report provided everything that I expected and more, but the customer service and attention to detail that the team at Accelerist provided was the highlight.  Working with the Accelerist team was effortless and every request I had was met.  I’ll definitely be working with them again.