Accelerating the Status Quo

Using Audience Data to Secure Partners

Adam Vasallo

Chief Development Officer

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America


Hear Adam’s Story


We started with the Accelerist platform in 2018, which was a pivotal year for us at Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.  We were undergoing a re-branding and revitalization of our corporate partnership program.  One of the first things you do with Accelerist is analyze your constituents.  We were excited about this element of the platform, but we already knew some information about our “Bigs” and volunteers.  When we received the results of the overall constituents and audience analysis, we were pleasantly surprised with 1) the depth of information Accelerist can uncover about our people, and 2) how specific the data can get when it comes to purchasing decisions and brand affinities.  Among many others, we learned that our audience had high affinities toward brands like the NFL and Nordstrom Rack.  We used these data points and level of specificity to actually pitch both brands.  We incorporated our primary persona into our pitch decks and conversations to help communicate the value we bring to companies.  The proven fact that our people aligned with their existing audience, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America could help them deepen their relationship with that audience, was a critical factor in securing significant partnerships with both companies within months of receiving our Accelerist audience analysis.