Accelerating into 2020, companies will want to know more about nonprofit audiences.  They will want to know if nonprofit constituencies purchase their products, shop at their stores, are book readers or bike riders, love photography or wine, or are influenced by bloggers, celebrities, YouTube stars, media personalities, etc.  Companies will want to know what motivates your constituents to take action, get involved, use their voice for good.  They want to know if their consumers and employees care about your cause, or have heard of your brand.  Companies want to know your audience inside and out – to make sure it is 1 of 2 things: 1) Their existing audience – to build a deeper relationship with loyal customers and employees, or 2) A prospective audience – to build new relationships by leveraging their commitment to your cause.  We call this “Shared People Value”.

So, it’s time to get intimate with your people.  Bottom line, they will help you raise more money – whether it’s through event-based fundraising, peer-to-peer events or from corporate partners.  Work with your marketing teams to obtain more and deeper info on your people.  Download the example below and take it with you to demonstrate the kinds of data you need and is available to nonprofits of any size. Create your primary persona, train your partnership team on it, and include it in your pitch to companies.

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